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Annual Parent Survey
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28 June 2024

- Annual Parent Survey

I hope that everyone had a good break last week and were able to recharge their batteries. Schools like ours are very busy places and students work hard in lessons. It is therefore good to have the time to relax and take time for themselves and their family.

We are currently asking parents to complete the Annual Parent Survey. This is very useful for us to collect your thoughts about the school and especially those areas that we can improve on. Thank you to those parents who have completed this survey. If you haven’t completed it, please look at your school email account or Seesaw, for the link to the survey. It is a much shorter survey than in previous years and so it is much quicker to complete.

The students and staff have also just finished their annual survey, so we get feedback from all aspects of the school.

The process of listening to feedback is very important to Taylor’s International Schools and is a very important way of planning for the future. Over the coming months we will tell you about your feedback and what we are planning to do.

If you have any further questions or feedback to the school please do not wait until the next survey but contact the school.

Car park - I put this reminder into the newsletter as part of our continuous strategy to make the car access and parking in the school better for everyone.

Main entrance roundabout - This area is small and not intended for parking. We are reaching the stage where parents are parking all over the place and blocking traffic flow. 

Basement car park - Please follow the instructions of the guards, and queue/wait in the correct place. Switch off engines while you parked. This is very important and one that some parents do not want to follow. Car engines produce a lot of dangerous fumes and these build up around a parked car. Air conditioners do not filter these fumes and so by keeping your engine on, you are endangering yourself and others around you.

Finally, all the best to our Year 11 students who are doing their trial or mock examinations at the moment. These are very good indications of future performance and are a very good way to monitor whether revision practices are working.

Good luck!

Stay safe

Peter Wells
Executive Principal
Taylor's International School
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